Moonlight over Albert Street

Moonlight over Albert Street

This image is from my Brunswick by Night collection. Brunswick is a suburb of Melbourne’s inner north, and the collection invites you into its quiet nocturnal character.

The night is ambiguous. It is both the absence of changeable sunlight from first light to dusk, and the presence of a more stable darkness that is lit faintly by the stars and more brightly by the variable moon.

In cities and towns streetlights shine into the same parts of the streets each night with a strength that diminishes the effect of the moon and stars. They let us see the streets the same way regardless of time. They make the night constant. They render it still. Silent. In that stillness, a collection of night time images of Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne’s inner north, invite you into its quiet nocturnal character.

In Moonlight over Albert Street, the faded duco of the 1960s Holden, the moonlit setting and the bright light towards which the car appears certain to move, it redolent of a bygone period that is about to disappear. Just as manufacturing once replaced agriculture, residential development is now replacing industry. Yet despite the pale light, the colours remain bold and strong, suggesting long-time locals still hold to the values that crafted the area.

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