Minnie Street

by Streetlight-Watermark

This image is from my Brunswick by Night collection. Brunswick is a suburb of Melbourne’s inner north, and the collection invites you into its quiet nocturnal character.

Here on Minnie Street, a streetlight washes over the rolling fenders of a Morris Minor that reflects the white fence and evergreen tree at its front and rear. The strip of road, almost as high as the tyres and wheel cuttings, gives the car body the sense of being suspended; only it is caught between the footpath and the fence line.

Above, a tree shoots its first green buds into spring. Their pointillist character at the branch tips mimics the stars scattered behind it. A dark green vine traces the curve of the car’s outline to the tree, connecting the ideas of suspension, confinement and nascent liberation.

A suburban house quietly bears witness.

Go to danielhouse.com.au to see all the Brunswick by Night photographs.


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